The Importance Of Goal-Setting

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Take a look at your life…

Are you working on your goals today? Yes, I’m talking to you! Every day should be a carefully planned and well-scheduled set of tasks if you’re to work on achieving those goals.

Gather Your Thoughts

Having tons of stuff to do and feeling like there is no time to get it done is a complete recipe for anxiety and being overwhelmed. Am I right? Or am I right? I should know because, at the age of 25, there is so much I want to accomplish and with everything jumping out at me, I had to find some way to filter my thoughts.

Leaving university with a B.A in Psychology at just 22 years old, I was stumped. What was I going to do now that I’m finished? What do I WANT to do? Picture me like, Alexa Play “Clueless”. So I took a gulp of a huge cup of “whoosah” and I settled myself, did some Googling and made a list of what I wanted to accomplish within 3 years.

Take Control Of Your Actions

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Not going to lie, but the next 3 years consisted of absolutely nothing I wanted to accomplish! I bounced from one job to another, hardly saved anything and complained about not being paid for what I was doing. Oh, how I wished I could go back in time and tell my 22-year-old self, stop spending so much money on food and clothes! But I was finally making my own money, not depending on anyone, I was debt-free and the smell of freedom was in the air.

Until I was laid off.

Then I got another job where I was making less than half of my previous job. Let me tell you, there is nothing that can humble you or cause you to ponder than going from a “bad” circumstance to a “worse” one. Especially when you already have that famous saying “it can’t get any worse” drilled in your head.  Working for significantly less made me revisit my goals and slowly but surely I started to take control of me and have been developing better habits. (see post on Develop Better Lifestyle Habits, coming soon 🙂 )

Become Goal Oriented

Setting clear cut goals with timelines not only gives you a sense of purpose, but it also helps you to see the bigger picture. So what if you’re not where you want to be at the age you thought you would be? You got life right? I would imagine since you’re reading this. So do something about it! Write down 10 things you want to accomplish in your life (make sure that they benefit you in critical ways like your health and fitness, leisure and fun, financial stability, aiding others, etc), then organize them in order of importance. After that, critically and reasonably devise timelines for your goals.

This is extremely important as it will help you to really get the pot boiling. It will also make the difference between you just writing a bunch of stuff you want to do on a piece of paper and you ACTUALLY setting out to do it (trust me I’ve done both and the latter brings so much more satisfaction).

Just Get Working on Smashing Those Goals!

After the list is completed, there’s just one more step before you get out there and conquer the world! You have to make your thoughts visual. Please bear with me as the psychology starts to kick in. Hundreds upon thousands of Psychology articles’ roots are based on the importance of visualization when it comes to goal setting. It’s OK to think about something, but every day our thoughts shift and it’s easy to forget that online Spanish lesson we wanted to take after lunch or that fitness place you wanted to call to see if they had that cute workout outfit in your size. Totally random I know. My point is, adopting precise and purposeful habits, along with having a clear picture, literally, can really help you keep on track.

Why Use a Vision Board?

I find that vision boards are awesome where this is concerned. Don’t know what a vision board is? It’s only the best course of action for your goal slayings! Ahn Gaw ‘Teh! (Bajan for I don’t have to tell you).  Whew Chile. But being serious, a vision board in simple terms is just a piece of card preferably big enough to put a bunch of images and words of affirmation that are relevant to your goals. 

For instance, one of your goals is to own a car, let’s say you calculated it would take one year to save or acquire the money for it. On your vision board, it helps to have a picture of the exact car you’d like to have right down to the color of that baby. Let’s name your car Leo. Can’t you just envision it? Take a step further and put next, or in the car, if you want to get creative, a small cut out picture of yourself in the happiest state you can come up with. To finish it off, how about accompanying the picture with “I WILL get Leo by August 1st, 2020″ right at the bottom. Then every day after you wake up and every night before you go to bed, look at that picture and those words. There’s a law that says the more something is in your head (utilizing visual stimulus) the more you attract the opportunities that lead you to accomplish it. Its called the Law of Attraction and basically, its if you can see it then you can do it!

Soo… Wuh You ‘Bout?

So, are you going to join me on this journey? I just helped a friend complete his vision board just the other day and it looks awesome, if I do say so myself (Insert proud face here). Take a look!

Capturing exactly what you want to accomplish in the form of an image is extremely important in the visualization process (Images were found on the internet, but you can use cut outs from magazines and newspapers). Put dates and linking words to really bring it home in your mind. 🙂

Just get started today! Google vision boards, watch videos on YouTube so you get inspired. Take a pic of your vision board when you’re finished! I wouldn’t mind seeing it either! (*hint hint) Send me pics of your vision boards to or ask me anything about my life as a bajan. Go forth my lovelies and Mek it happen nuh? 🙂

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